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  • 18.07.2014

    We are aware that the new request by Ofgem, for all brokers to provide letters of authorisation, is a good thing. However, this seems to have resulted in a new wave of less scrupulous brokers calling customers and getting them to accept verbal agreements over the phone.…

  • 04.07.2014

    There is currently a mandate which requires all large gas consumers (those using more than 732,000 kWh p.a.) to have an Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) device installed on their gas meter by April this year. All remaining Industrial and Commercial (I&C) meters are required to have Advanced Metering or AMR devices installed by 2020.…

  • 01.07.2014

    After so much negative coverage of the energy industry in general, especially the ‘Big 6’, it was inevitable that Ofgem was going to refer the energy market for a full competition investigation.…

  • 24.06.2014

    Robert Taylor from Haven Power visited with us last week; he is the new Account Manager for the Midlands area. He came to introduce himself and discuss what will happen over the next 12 months.

  • 21.05.2014

    A recent report by the global Sustainability Institute reckons that Britain will run out of oil in 5 years and coal in just over 4 years. In contrast, Russia has over 50 years of oil and 500 years of coal available.…

  • 14.05.2014

    Energy UK and Cornwall Energy commissioned and compiled a report that shows the energy industry is getting more competitive, open and transparent. There are now around 30 companies supplying gas and electricity to business customers, which is the highest level since 1995.…

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