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  • 01.05.2015

    Plaid Cymru’s main aim when it comes to energy is to make for a greener Wales. The party aims to ensure that Wales’ energy future is more sustainable and secure, through the best use of energy resources and renewable energy. Its manifesto states that there will be a strong focus on increasing energy generation through the use of tidal and hydro sources.…

  • 30.04.2015

    The Scottish National Party’s (SNP) manifesto has a real push for renewable energy. It is fully behind wind energy by maximising support for offshore wind and making sure that onshore wind continues to receive support. It’s not all about wind however, as the party says it will push to have the UK government:<…

  • 29.04.2015

    The Green Party promises to invest up to £35 billion in renewables and ban fracking. They also will look to put plans in place to reduce diesel emissions, set up tough carbon reduction targets and a nationwide insulation programme.…

  • 28.04.2015

    The UK Independence Party (UKIP) wants to scrap current directives that aim to phase out the most polluting power stations. Instead they will encourage the redevelopment of British power stations and roll back emission regulations.…

  • 27.04.2015

    Labour says that by creating a new energy watchdog, they will get tough on energy suppliers and cap energy bills for 20 months, from this summer until 2017. Their plan is to replace OFGEM with a new regulator which will be able to remove energy supplier’s licenses should they harm the interest of consumers.…

  • 24.04.2015

    The Conservatives claim that they have been the greenest government ever because they have:…

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