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  • 17.07.2015

    LEGO are to start a $150 million, 15 year study, to move from their petroleum based plastic product to a sustainable alternative. For an environmentally friendly LEGO fan this news makes for good reading.…

  • 15.07.2015

    Climate Change Levy Exemption Certificates (LECs) will be killed off from 1st August 2015, as Tim mentioned in a previous blog post. As an indication of the effect of confidence in renewable investments, shares in power producer Drax have dropped by 28% to £2.…

  • 02.07.2015

    Have you ever considered just how much energy it takes to do the simplest task, such as making toast or boiling a kettle? Here at Gateway, we glibly talk about how many Giga-watt hours (1GWh = 1,000,000kWh) of electricity a client may use or generate, but the video clip below really puts it into perspective.…

  • 25.06.2015

    Ever had a dripping tap? Most of us have. It annoys the hell out of you for a while and then you get it fixed, the annoyance goes away, and as a result of stopping the dripping tap, you also end up saving money on your water bill.…

  • 17.06.2015

    Although wind turbines provide a clean way of creating energy they do come with some drawbacks. They have been described as noisy, a potential threat to wildlife - particularly birds - and some people believe they ruin the beauty of the landscape. But these drawbacks could be a thing of the past thanks to a new concept from the Spanish company Vortex Bladeless.…

  • 15.06.2015

    There was an interesting piece from the BBC recently about whether or not the US’ next shale gas revolution will bring cheap gas to the rest of the world.  The country has plans to become the biggest producer of liquefied natural gas (LNG) by generating about 190 million metric tonnes per year.…

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