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  • 26.03.2015

    Costa Rica has been using a 100% renewable energy for the last 75 days, something of an energy generating record. The country is well known for its clean energy policies and has not used any fossil fuels to generate electricity since December 2014, due to heavy rainfall powering four hydroelectric plants.…

  • 25.03.2015

    Our government claims that the UK leads the world in cutting carbon emissions. However, researchers from Leeds University have challenged this statement. They say that current calculations do not include pollution from goods imported to the UK from countries like China, and UK emissions are actually rising overall.…

  • 18.03.2015

    We attended our second Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce Business and Trade Expo on 13th March 2015 and once again found it a lively and friendly event.…

  • 10.03.2015

    In a relatively unprecedented move, Ofgem announced last week that a sales ban has been placed on Scottish Power due to them failing to meet Ofgem’s target of clearing outstanding Ombudsman decisions on customer complaints. Scottish Power has to stop all proactive sales for 12 days and any customers with outstanding Ombudsman complaints will receive free energy until their issues are resolved.…

  • 03.03.2015

    The plans for six tidal power lagoons have been revealed, with the 320 MW Swansea Bay project set to be the world’s first man-made energy generating lagoon. Energy Secretary Ed Davey has voiced his support for the projects, and compared to wind and solar, the projects may be considered less obtrusive, whilst providing recreational and environmental benefits.…

  • 24.02.2015

    At the end of last year I took the plunge and purchased my first house. Once we moved in, hidden truths started to reveal themselves, the biggest one being our ageing inefficient boiler. I definitely like to feel warmer than my partner James and I do like longer showers so this is when the boy vs girl who racks up the energy bills war began.…

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