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  • 24.02.2015

    At the end of last year I took the plunge and purchased my first house. Once we moved in, hidden truths started to reveal themselves, the biggest one being our ageing inefficient boiler. I definitely like to feel warmer than my partner James and I do like longer showers so this is when the boy vs girl who racks up the energy bills war began.…

  • 13.02.2015

    The UK’s first affordable straw homes went on sale in Bristol recently, promising to reduce fuel bills by up to 90% and costing less than the average Bristol house to buy. The new straw houses represent for the first time an affordable, low carbon and fuel-efficient means of house building.…

  • 03.02.2015

    So, Tom and I have been working here for a year now and I think we both agree that it has been a steep but every enjoyable learning curve.…

  • 29.01.2015

    A recent survey discovered that large numbers of British businesses are not prepared for the government’s mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), which has its first reporting deadline in December 2015.…

  • 21.01.2015

    The tiny island of El Hierro in the Canary Islands, has become the world's first energy self-sufficient island through combined water and wind power, with no connection to any outside electricity network.…

  • 06.01.2015

    I have a small monitor on my desk which is wirelessly connected to our electricity supply here at the office. It shows electricity demand in real time and as I write this blog it reads 9.6kW.…

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