Reducing carbon emissions, saving energy

Managing carbon output delivers more than just environmental benefits - it can help reduce costs and send a powerful message to your customers, helping to protect your brand and reputation. Large companies already have to comply with carbon reduction legislation, and in the future many smaller businesses may have to do the same.

Gateway Carbon Management can support your business in creating an effective carbon strategy and help you implement it.


We can measure and manage your carbon output and take care of all the practical reporting tasks:

  • Our staff can define and calculate a carbon footprint for your business
  • If you are covered by the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme we can help you meet your obligations and work with you on carbon saving strategies
  • We advise on all aspects of the DECC Climate Change Agreements and the Climate Change Levy (CCL)
  • We are experienced in the carbon trading market and can set up and operate carbon trading accounts.


To understand and take full advantage of effective carbon management, contact the Gateway Energy team.


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